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Car Accident Settlements

Car or Automobile accident settlement can often take months to settle. If the case is not settled out of court and goes to trial, a car accident settlement can take years! Plaintiffs who are short of cash will often accept a low settlement offer. LawMax can help a car accident victim by proving a cash advance against the lawsuit or legal claim.

A lawsuit advance against a car accident settlement helps the victim pay household bills and recurring expenses, cover lost wages and pay medical bills. Car accident victims can receive an advance from LawMax by completing an online application at www.fundmycase.com or by calling (877) 788-2274. An underwriter at LawMax contacts the plaintiff’s attorney to get copies of the documentation needed to evaluate the request for a car accident pre-settlement advance. After reviewing the case, LawMax usually makes a decision about a car accident settlement advance within 24 hours of receiving the necessary documentation.

After a cash advance against a car accident settlement is approved, a contract goes to the plaintiff’s attorney. Once LawMax receives back the signed contract, a check goes out immediately. Should the plaintiff lose the case, he or she is under no obligation to repay the advance against the car accident lawsuit. If the car accident victim wins the case, or the plaintiff and his or her attorney reach a satisfactory settlement, the advance made by LawMax, plus accumulated interest, is paid back in one payment by the plaintiff’s attorney from the proceeds of the car accident settlement.

Lawsuit advances against car accident (or personal injury, product liability, slip and fall, or industrial accident) case is very different from a conventional bank loan as there is no specific term to the advance. While a bank loan must be paid back over a fixed period of time regardless of the borrower’s circumstances, a lawsuit advance is only paid back if the plaintiff wins the case or reaches an out-of-court settlement.

If you’ve been the victim of a car accident, and you have hired an attorney to represent you, visit www.fundmycase.com to learn how a lawsuit advance works. There is a helpful section on the website that answers the most frequently asked questions about lawsuit financing.

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